Exness Trade app

Trade with confidence anytime, anywhere.

Trading tools

Advanced charting

Take advantage of advanced charting tools including popular indicators.

Price alerts

Set up push notifications to be informed when an asset reaches a certain rate.

In-app trading calculator

Calculate your margins, spreads and swaps quickly and efficiently in-app.

Trading notifications

Control your trading and stay informed on the status of your positions.

Detailed order overview

Review your trading history with a detailed overview of each order.

List favorites, view top movers

Bookmark your favorite instruments and view those with significant price shifts.

Analytical resources

Trading Central signals

Plan strategies with signals that incorporate various analytical approaches.

Economic calendar

Track high-impact news, key economic events, and data releases.

FXStreet market news

Stay current with real-time market news and latest updates.

Why Exness

Better-than-market conditions, unique features and cutting-edge security, partnered with our dedication to transparency and excellent customer service, are the reasons traders continue to choose Exness.

Instant withdrawals

Remain in control of your funds. Simply choose your preferred payment method, make a withdrawal request, and enjoy instant automatic approval.¹

Ultra-fast execution

Stay ahead of trends with lightning-fast execution. Get your orders executed in milliseconds on all available platforms at Exness.

Low and stable spreads

Trade with tight, predictable spreads on all instruments, even in times of volatility.

Frequently asked questions

With Exness Trade, you can access a bespoke trading terminal designed for MT5 trading accounts. Key functions include opening, closing, and modifying orders, as well as deleting pending orders. Exness Trade presents essential features for managing trading accounts, trading instruments, charts with indicators, and quick access to order history and alerts.

To manage your Personal Area with Exness Trade, various tabs within the trading app can be used. The "Accounts" tab allows you to access your Personal Area, view free margin, order history, and account details. You can manage existing trading accounts and create new ones, as well as deposit and withdrawal using your trading accounts.

In-app trading is available for MT5 accounts only. If you are logged in to an MT4 account, you will be redirected to download the MT4 mobile app on your phone.

Our proprietary Exness Trade app is available in the majority of countries where we accept registrations. If you don’t see the download buttons on this page, it means that the app is currently not available in app stores in your country. While we’re working on expanding the presence of Exness Trade app across various regions and app stores such as Google Play and App Store, you can still trade with Exness on the go by downloading the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 mobile apps.

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